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Relaxing on the Beach

Bonfire Greets the Night

Go On And Blow

Rock the Night!!

Perfectly Toasted. Nice!

Clearly Not a Slow Dance.

Yes, It’s A Science.

Rocking After Sunset On The Beach. ‘Nuff Said.

Don’t Fret, It’s Under Control!

Pre-Labor Day Statement.

Getting Hot on the Dance Floor…

Nice to Be Out with Friends

I’m Just Holding Them for a Friend

Are You Having Fun?

And the Beat Goes On!

Small Event = Stage Access…

Let’s Load the Audi with Desserts and Head Down the Beach!

Port. On the Beach. After Dark. Brilliant.

Hard Work, Well Rewarded:-)

So Happy To Be Here!

A Really Nice Night Out

S’Mores and More

Hold On To Your Hat!

Par Four

Palms Di Notte

Fun on the Sand

Smiles All Around

Just Getting Started…

Chopin, Anyone?

Liquid Happiness

Hot Wheels.

Serious Prep.

Sunset’s Coming. Wow.

Grill Me.

Attention to Detail

Easing Into The Night.

Sweet Sounds

High Altitude

Summer Lovin’

On the beach.

Getting Ready


Grilled to Perfection


Shaken, Not Stirred.

Let The Fun Begin!

Selfie Review

So Many Choices

Night To Remember

Fun For All!

Toes in the Sand

Just a Few Friends on the Beach

Beach Ball

Easy, Fun, Sun

Big Kick






My favorite thing is that if you’re going to live in Los Angeles, you deserve to have an evening on the beach and put your toes on the sand and watch the sun set and act like a Californian,” she said. “There’s great food, great wine, really lovely attendees, and everybody kicks off their shoes and relaxes. It’s the epitome of a California evening as far as I’m concerned. If I could only do one event in the year, this would be it.

Daryl Twerdahl